Nadia Lee Cohen joins Academy

Nadia is a photographer, filmmaker and self-portrait artist. Heavily inspired by cinema, Americana and Britain particularly in in the 1960’s and 70’s, her photographs and films are veritable visions of saturated, surreal dreamscapes.

Knife Crime directed by Novemba

Novemba’s latest piece focuses on knife crime in London. Made for AMV BBDO, the film features real kids stating that they don’t ever carry a knife because ‘London Needs Me Alive’.

Just Eat directed by Si & Ad

Si & Ad’s latest is a musical extravaganza showing the magical world of Just Eat. Made for Karmarama, the film escalates from customers using their Just Eat App at home to an all singing, all dancing magical number.

Click here to view the film on Si & Ad's showreel.

Sarah Clift Joins Academy

Sometime copywriter, sometime art director and now, full time director; Sarah Clift has joined Academy and A+. She has a wealth of knowledge through 18 years in the ad industry working up from creative to global creative director before departing to write and direct.

Funding Circle directed by Marcus Söderlund

Marcus’s latest film for Funding Circle features a drummer going from strength to strength as she seemingly grows from relative novice to full on virtuoso before our eyes.

Ikea directed by Us

‘Lion’ is the latest film created by Chris & Luke – aka Us. The film tells us that the average lion spends 18 hours of the day doing absolutely nothing, while we see King of the Jungle conserving his energy in readiness for his daughter’s party.

Michael Lawrence Joins Academy

Michael Lawrence has joined Academy and A+ for representation in the UK and Amsterdam.

Academy Sign Jack Driscoll

Director Jack Driscoll has joined Academy & A+ for global representation.

Hepatitis C Directed by Conkerco

Conkerco have just shot this dramatic new film for Hep C featuring ‘Chris’, a man whose past literally comes back to haunt him. As Chris walks home through the city, his mind plays tricks on him as he see’s his younger self in potentially risky situations. Each risk underlines the ease with which the Hepatitis C can be contracted from an unhygenic tattoo parlour, a barbers unclean blade to a blood transfusion.

Lacoste directed by Seb Edwards

‘Timeless’ is a cinematic fresco set in the 1930s directed by Seb Edwards. A man falls in love at first sight and sets off on the trail of a mysterious woman, jumping onto a train and pursuing her through the carriages, and through the eras.

British Arrows 2017

Lizie was presented with The Chairmans Award last night at the British Arrows in recognition for her services to the Advertsing Industry. Jon Glazer delivered a heartfelt speech and presented her with the award. A BIG THANK YOU to Ed at the Assembly Rooms for cutting together this film highlighting some of the work we’ve made over the last 30 years .

Nytol directed by Us

Chris & Luke have just finished a new film for Nytol through Lucky Generals. The commercial visualises his internal dialogue and anxiety about how much time he has left to sleep.

British Arrows Nominations

Academy have a total of 21 nominations across Campaign and Craft for this year’s British Arrows Awards. Congratulations to Si & Ad, Frederic Planchon, Seb Edwards, Conkerco, FKA Twigs, Jeff Labbe and Martin De Thurah for directing work for Virgin Media, Bupa, Yorkshire Tea, HP, Ikea, Boots, Nike and SSESSE.

Skoda directed by Novemba

Bradley Wiggins stars in this new film for Skoda directed by Novemba through Fallon, London. The film centers on Wiggins’ constant battle against the clock; always striving for a better time.

Lloyds directed by Frederic Planchon

Fred’s most recent film, ‘New Dawn’ shows the famous Lloyds horse travelling the breadth of the country set to a rerecord of Praise You. From the streets of Stoke to the dramatic backdrop of the Brecon Beacons, Lloyds remains by their customer’s side.

Nike directed by Us

While women around the world often feel constrained by traditional gender roles, athletes in Turkey are committed to pursuing their love for sport and fitness while staying true to themselves.

Yorkshire Tea directed by Si & Ad

Yorkshire Tea and Lucky Generals have recruited Si & Ad for their latest campaign starring famous faces from Yorkshire.

Garth Davis Wins at the DGA

Massive Congratulations to Garth Davis for winning the DGA Award for First-Time Feature Film. ‘Lion’ is the incredible true story of an adopted boy tracking down his birth family in India.

Academy sign Dorian & Daniel

German wunderkinds Dorian and Daniel have joined Academy for UK representation.

​Bupa directed by Martin De Thurah

In Martin’s first film of the year a recovered cancer patient shows us just how it feels to be given the all clear.

Campaign’s Production Company of the Year 2016

Happy New Year! While 2016 represented a 366 day low point for humanity, the year ended on a particularly high note for Academy and A+. In an incredibly competitive field, Academy were named by Campaign Magazine as Production Company of the Year.

Alice, Adelaide – a short film by Novemba

Back in January, Novemba (Blair and Oliver) took a road trip through South Australia. The result is Alice, Adelaide – a snapshot of Australia’s Red Centre and the wonderful people that live there.

HP ‘Brothers’ directed by Seb Edwards

Seb has just directed this uplifting film for HP through AMV BBDO. With the use of his laptop the lead singer of a band converts his basement into a space where he can jam with his hearing impaired brother.

Birds Eye ‘With Love’ by Marcus Söderlund

Marcus’s latest film is a visual love letter to the pea. Created for Grey London, Birds Eye’s first television advertising for 5 years follows pea farmers through the seasons, showing what the little green veggies endure before making their way to our plates.

Ben Tricklebank directs ‘The Experimental Series’ for Glenfiddich

A new film made for agency Space by Ben Tricklebank is an ode to the human mind. ‘The Experimental Series’ explores the extremes of human intellect through a series of scenarios including the first sparks of love, the carelessness with which we sometimes treat the planet, and the positivity that results from fostering our curious nature.

British Arrows Craft Awards Nominations

Congratulations to Seb Edwards, Frederic Planchon, Jonathan Glazer and Si & Ad – a total of 10 nominations at the Craft Awards. Virgin Media ‘9.58’, SSE ‘Pier’, Channel 4 Idents ‘Detonation’,, Google Android ‘Monotune’ and O2 ‘Network’ are all shortlisted.

Vigorsol directed by Martin Werner

Martin’s latest film features the daughter from a family of heavy metal rockers. The girl heads out to meet her friends, but no sooner is she outside the front door she transforms herself to a squeaky clean yoga lover, much to her parents dismay.

SSE by Conkerco

Maya the Orangutan returns in another beautiful film for SSE, but this time there's a new addition to the SSE family – Pixel. In this instalment, Pixel explores a neon house as we are told that SSE now offers unparalleled boiler cover.

'Orchestra of Movement' directed by Wally Pfister

​​​​​Crowds of people join a workout class of epic proportions, launching the new Made to Move campaign for Lucozade Sport. Wally Pfister directs for Grey London.

PSA Betty B directed by Matt Beiler

In Betty B, a powerful anti-bullying PSA, written, directed, shot and edited by Matt Beiler, a young girl recounts her relationship with a bully she thinks is her friend.


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