Ethan & Tom


Ethan & Tom

Meeting at the University of Westminster in 2017, where they both studied a Film BA degree, Ethan & Tom began making music videos for friends who produced music. One such music video for budding band Badgirl$ caught the interest of Sony Music, which led to a series of music videos with the label - all while the pair were still at university. Since then, they’ve worked with artists such as Flohio, Greentea Peng, P-rallel, Nayana IZ, Wu-Lu, Berwyn and more. 

In 2020 their work for Flohio’s ‘WAY2’ was nominated for a UKMVA.

They have since directed their first commercial with The Or Agency for the launch of Gorillas first TV campaign.

Captured through a visceral lens: often grainy, sometimes dark but always with a raw, untamed beauty, the pair continue to hone their craft through their creative choices be that via the characters on screen, camera technique or format, or through the edit.