Jackson Lee Forsythe


Jackson Lee Forsythe

Jackson Lee Forsythe is an award winning young director with a distinct, visceral directing style. He was born in Las Vegas to Canadian and Chinese parents, raised in Vancouver, and now resides in London via spells in Paris and Seoul.

Trained as a classical pianist, Jackson has always been fascinated by the connection between music and film; something born out of his father’s love for Ennio Morricone's spaghetti western scores.

During his early years in the industry he worked in the camera and lighting department with a desire to become a cinematographer. It was during this time he was able to work on set with directors such as Edgar Wright and Steve McQueen, shaping his understanding of the craft, and making it clear that he really belonged in the directors chair!

As a director, Jackson won a Gold at the Cannes YDA for his raw and textured Mahou commercial in 2023. The black & white film creates the palpable sense of a London boozer, unapologetically showing the crags and wrinkles of the punters as the frame cuts between buzzing kitchen and pint pouring bar. The film’s flow and mood is akin to some of advertisings grand masters.

Other work includes a campaign for Salomon, a noir-ish film for Louis Vuitton, the Parabola Spring/Summer campaign for 2023 and music videos for Ama Lou and Sacha Rudy.

Instagram: @jacforsythe