Jared Clayton


Jared Clayton

Jared Clayton is a self-taught filmmaker known for his inventive use of form. Handmade, tangible, and unique - his films feel alive. Driven by sound and focused on performance, every frame breathes with unflinching honesty.

His unique storytelling has created bespoke work for clients like Toyota, Hyundai, Corona, Coca Cola, Skoda, Adidas and Rimowa and his list of awards are numerous - he has been decorated by major prizes at Ciclope, D&AD, AICP, CLIO, ONE Show, and YDA.

‘Violence’ for Unicef, a deeply personal project, was nominated for Best Director at Ciclope. A haunting piece, elevated by his distinct craft, the film captures the brutal effects of violence on children by finding the light between the shadows. Jared uses discordant sounds and images to capture alienation and dissociation from a child’s perspective. 

Jared’s work is grounded in human truth, creating powerful, emotive storytelling that is both timeless and impactful.