Lynne Ramsay

Glaswegian Lynne, already a reputable cinematographer, moved into directing and has won countless awards including the Prix de Jury at Cannes in '96 for her NFTS Short 'Small Deaths' and again in '97 for 'Gasman'. Although she's picked up BAFTAs and BIFAs for her shorts, it's her feature films 'Ratcatcher', 'Morvern Callar' and most recently 'We Need To Talk About Kevin' that have marked her as a star name behind the camera.

We Need to Talk about Kevin opened the Cannes Film Festival in 2011. It is a devastating powerhouse of a movie about the relationship between a boy and his mother, played with harrowing poignancy by Tilda Swinton. In amongst other wins and nominations, the film picked up the 2011 Kermode Award.