Nadia kick started her career with an experimental debut titled ‘Black Summer’ by The Pony Tales; a film album, which draws you into a world of love, lust and jealousy amongst a group of teenagers lost in the solitude and isolation of the Faroe Islands. It opened the prestigious Cph:Dox festival 2010 with a live show.

Nadia’s debut established her as a film maker with a passion for marrying narrative with music. This instinctively led to a move into music videos where she worked with artists such as Years and Years, Emily Sande, Naughty Boy and The 1975.

Nadia’s early schooling served her well here. A graduate of Central St Martins and creative right hand to Chris Palmer in the Gorgeous glory days; Nadia’s striking visuals and bold concepts earned her a variety of awards and nominations including MVA best new director and a Grammy for best video.

Her many commercial projects including Ikea, Sleek, Danish Railway, continued to build on her passion for people, places and stories. Marrying the stark realism of authentic cast and captured moments with a bold look and pertinent soundtrack has become somewhat of a signature; as has her playful fascination with the awkward abandon of spontaneous dance….

Nadia was recently named one of ten female directors you need to know by Campaign magazine.