Remi Laudat


Remi Laudat

Remi initially trained as a dancer (ballet and contemporary) before shifting into filmmaking.  He made this transition after discovering the broader reach he could have through film rather than as an individual dancer on stage, as well as the artistic scope film has to tackle any subject matter.  

His directorial style centres heavily around bold tones and cultural fusions. His willingness to explore different cinematic techniques, enthuses his work further with dynamism and movement creating a striking visual language.

Remi’s ability to elevate production value as well as heroing his subjects has deeply ensconced himself as a directing voice creating poetic editorials, music promos, ads, and short films.

His promos for Amaarae, Kali Uchis ft. Moliy as well as Stefflon Don and Riton x featuring Night Crawlers have all been received to much acclaim. 

His short film Mi O Le Kú was released in April 2022, and was later followed this year with another short Afro-Arab that explored the duality of Afro-Arab heritage.

Previous clients include Nike, Reebok, Charlotte Tilbury & The Body Shop.

Instagram: @reminhoo