Romain Chassaing


Romain Chassaing

Crime, corruption and shady characters are littered throughout the work of French director Romain Chassaing. His work has a pacey black humour with regular nods to the icons of cinema.

Romain grew up in Montpellier and studied graphic design in both Paris and Manchester with a plan to work in the music industry. While designing, photographing and finessing album artwork, his meticulous attention to craft caught the eye of several musicians, who invited him to direct their videos.

Promos for Vitalic, Vald and Dizzee Rascal combine double-dealing edgy narratives with the darkest of humour. Romain’s collaboration with the band Naïve New Beaters has created a wealth of bold conceptual videos, notably ‘Words Hurt’; the D&AD Yellow Pencil winning interactive film in which the viewer can fudge their own path to riches or ruin.

Romain has applied his scrupulous craftsmanship to commercial work for Schweppes, Sega, Replay, Mercedes and many more.