• Hepatitis C Directed by Conkerco

    Hepatitis C Directed by Conkerco

    Conkerco have just shot this dramatic new film for Hep C featuring ‘Chris’, a man whose past literally comes back to haunt him. As Chris walks home through the city, his mind plays tricks on him as he see’s his younger self in potentially risky situations. Each risk underlines the ease with which the Hepatitis C can be contracted from an unhygenic tattoo parlour, a barbers unclean blade to a blood transfusion.

  • Lacoste directed by Seb Edwards

    Lacoste directed by Seb Edwards

    ‘Timeless’ is a cinematic fresco set in the 1930s directed by Seb Edwards. A man falls in love at first sight and sets off on the trail of a mysterious woman, jumping onto a train and pursuing her through the carriages, and through the eras.

  • British Arrows 2017

    British Arrows 2017

    Lizie was presented with The Chairmans Award last night at the British Arrows in recognition for her services to the Advertsing Industry. Jon Glazer delivered a heartfelt speech and presented her with the award. A BIG THANK YOU to Ed at the Assembly Rooms for cutting together this film highlighting some of the work we’ve made over the last 30 years .

  • Nytol directed by Us

    Nytol directed by Us

    Chris & Luke have just finished a new film for Nytol through Lucky Generals. The commercial visualises his internal dialogue and anxiety about how much time he has left to sleep.