Sarah Clift Joins Academy

Sometime copywriter, sometime art director and now, full time director; Sarah Clift has joined Academy and A+.  She has a wealth of knowledge through 18 years in the ad industry working up from  creative to global creative director before departing to write and direct.

With a plethora of big name agencies under her belt Sarah has created work for Adidas, The COI, Guinness, McDonald’s and Samsung to name a few.  Among others, she has worked under Tim Delaney, Peter Souter, Jon Burley and Jim Thornton.

Although she has co-directed a few projects before, Sarah’s first solo piece as writer/director was the short film ‘La Madre Buena’.  It is a beautifully crafted work, which shows the ethical dilemma of a mother between her son and her politics.  “Award winning” doesn’t come close to describing the film’s success.  ‘La Madre Buena’ has 50+ laurel wreaths, a YDA Gold, a Lion nomination at Cannes and 5 Golds at Kinsale.  It will be screened at the Academy Awards building later in September.

Sarah studied graphic design and advertising, then the postgraduate course at Watford under Tony Cullingham, yet her CV has a wealth of other talents including cowgirl and stand-up comedian.

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Funding Circle directed by Marcus Söderlund

Marcus’s latest film for Funding Circle features a drummer going from strength to strength as she seemingly grows from relative novice to full on virtuoso before our eyes. 

The campaign was created for Lucky Generals, with post by ETC and sound by Sam Ashwell at 750mph.

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Ikea directed by Us

‘Lion’ is the latest film created by Chris & Luke – aka Us.  The film tells us that the average lion spends 18 hours of the day doing absolutely nothing, while we see King of the Jungle conserving his energy in readiness for his daughter’s party. 

Created for Mother, the film is a continuation of the Wonderful Everyday campaign.  Editing was by Bill Smedley at Work, post was by MPC and sound through 750mph.

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Michael Lawrence Joins Academy

Michael Lawrence has joined Academy and A+ for representation in the UK and Amsterdam. 

Michael is a director and photographer with work stemming from a diversity of traveled interests, inspirations and life experiences.  His films are visceral and immersive, with an emotional rawness and intimacy that challenges what is expected of advertising.

Lawrence has directed and photographed campaigns for some of the worlds leading brands - Nike, Reebok, Chevrolet, Nespresso, Powerade, ESPN, and Google - with some of the worlds best agencies - Wieden & Kennedy, Venables Bell, Sid Lee, 72 & Sunny, BBH, AKQA, Fred & Farid - while always attempting to make time for the obscure and interesting.

Michael’s films have garnered recognition at Cannes Lions, the Shots Awards, D&AD and many others.  His photography has been featured in The NY Times, The Atlantic, Creativity, Communication Arts, Adweek, Fader, VICE, Pitchfork and Indie Magazine.

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Academy Sign Jack Driscoll

Director Jack Driscoll has joined Academy & A+ for global representation.

An award-winning fine art graduate, Jack cut his teeth making televised documentaries and gained recognition for his unique approach, fusing highly visual creative language with original and touching storytelling. His ability to work with non-actors and mix tender realism with cinematic style has translated effortlessly to commercials for Adidas, Red Bull, Google and New Balance.

Jack is fast becoming one of the UK’s brightest young directors. His approach moulds beautiful imagery with a raw honesty and impactful narrative.

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